RapidMiner 5.3

Creates multiple visual programming workflows
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Establish a visual programming environment for the rapid and multi-layered building of complete predictive analytic workflows by means of pre-defined data preparation and machine learning algorithms, etc. Multiple types of programming projects are selectable.

RapidMiner is a data mining program that manages information and provides useful information about it according to parameters selected during the process setup. Such process is integrated by two components: the Input and the Learner. The learner can be as detailed as the input data needs to analyze it. Among the options to analyze information it features the decision tree analysis, forward selection and backward elimination, weighting optimizing, genetic algorithm, wrapper validation, simple cross validation, and evolutionary feature construction.

It features a data wizard by selecting the input data and the learner to show the result s of the process. Besides it displays a list of available database drivers; in case there were some missing or not available just copy to the drivers to the lib/jdbc directory and restart RapidMiner in order to make them available.

Its GUI is easy and friendly to user. Its data wizard guides users step by step during all the process. It supplies options to show the results in graphic mode.

Its installation process is simple and easy to perform; no additional libraries or programs are needed. Documentation is included with the program; it supplies a tutorial and a manual likewise there are much more documentation available on its website.

RapidMiner runs in any platform because is open source. But there are binary distributions ready for Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms. The link provided to download the binary distribution is for Windows platform.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • Results are showed also in graphic mode
  • It supports and can accept new data drivers
  • It’s easy and friendly to use
  • It provides wizards for data management


  • I haven’t found any during its review
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